Yoga Journey - Find Your Home Within, May 1 - June 9 (Sydney)


40 days - 1 class a day
May 1 - June 9, 2017

$85 for contract members

We invite you to make a commitment to a daily yoga practice, 40 classes in 40 days. Supported by the entire Hom team, this daily practice of yoga will take you on a journey within yourself; exploring and pushing your physical and mental boundaries, leaving you stronger, more mindful, and with a deeper sense of self.

Included in your 40 day yoga journey package is:

- 40 yoga classes at Hom Yoga
- 3 workshops to gain a deeper understanding of your yoga practice
      1. Blindfold: Seeing without Seeing with Dom NguyenSunday May 7
      2. Yin Masterclass with Kaylee Falkner, Sunday May 21
      3. Stand on your Head: Headstands and Inversions with Iris TanSunday June 4
    - Weekly emails from our yoga team to keep you inspired on your journey
    - 30 minute tune in sessions every Sunday, 5.30pm - 6pm, with our teachers. Discuss everything from techniques and alignment in a yoga pose, to your goals and wellbeing on your yoga journey
    - Daily 10 minute meditation practice, guided every weekday morning from 8am, and every weekend evening from 5.30pm
    - Track your progress on our journey board
    - A gift bag of nutritional treats and wellness products to aid you in your journey