Weekend Immersion with Anton Jager, Sept 2 - 3 (Singapore)

Join Anton for a fun and interactive weekend, as you learn to be comfortable on your arms and discover various techniques to fully master seamless transitions in your Vinyasa practice!

Arm Balance Decoded Workshop

Orchard Central
Saturday, Sept 2, 2017 
11am - 1pm

A 2-hour workshop to take your arm balances to the next level.

In this workshop you will learn the dynamics and foundations necessary to feel comfortable to be on your arms.

Anton will be guiding you through the common principles and ways to get into your arm balances and what you need in order to stay in them.

This workshop will allow you to progress at your own abilities. Master the arm balances step by step. Start from foundational poses before venturing on to advanced ones like Peacock, Grasshopper, Forearm Stand and all the way to Scorpion!

All levels welcome.

Vinyasa & The Art of Floating 

Orchard Central
Sunday, Sept 3, 2017 
11am - 1pm

A 2-hour workshop fully dedicated to mastering seamless transitions, jump throughs & jump backs.

Are you ready to add a new dimension to your Vinyasa practice?

In this workshop you will explore the five postures that a traditional Vinyasa is built upon. Establish a moving meditation by connecting asanas smoothly and discover a deeper layer in your practice.

Anton will break down each part of the Vinyasa and show solid & efficient techniques that can be easily integrated into your regular practice. Utilising props and the wall, conquering these transitions becomes approachable and attainable.- from stepping to jumping and all the way up to floating!

All levels welcome.


Single workshop - $80
Full Immersion - $150

*Use promo code FLOAT when you sign up for full immersion by July 22, 2017 and save $10!

About Anton Jager

Anton discovered yoga during his first trip to India after graduating from University in 2002. The Austrian was immediately fascinated with the opposition of challenge and ease in a yoga practice. Yoga quickly became an essential part of his daily life, especially in balancing out the pressures he encountered during previous assignments in multinational corporations like Google as well as a mission with Doctors Without Borders in Africa.

To Anton, Why is just as important a question as How. This interest in the bigger picture lead him towards the old scriptures and modern research early on. Over the years, his study trips back to India gave him a deep understanding of this ancient science and its different traditions. It was also in India where he began to teach and share his knowledge.

Anton uses his strong asana practice as well as his vast knowledge on the historical and philosophical aspects of yoga to guide students into the deeper, subtler practices of yoga.

His emphasis is on the similarities across the different traditions rather than their superficial differences. He believes that it is within this common ground that the essence of yoga is found and handed down to us from one generation to the next. His teachings are stripped from cultural and religious connotations to make them more accessible to modern practitioners.