Two Day Boot Camp with Merdin Yeoh, July 22 - 23 (Singapore)

Orchard Central
July 22 - 23, 2017
1:30pm - 2.30pm

Up your fitness game with this two-day Boot Camp that incorporates HIIT and calisthenics to your yoga foundation. Tone your muscles, increase stamina and endurance, and boost your metabolism! Every session focuses on strengthening different major muscle groups and the fast-paced tempo will keep your heart pumping hard for a great cardio workout! Come hydrated and be ready to sweat.

Don't worry, every class still ends in a savasana.

Bookings open July 1, 2017

Regular packages or memberships can be used for Boot Camp. Buy one of our packages here.

About Merdin Yeoh

Constantly wearing a big smile on her face, Merdin often leaves people wondering what it is she's celebrating; she takes her cue from Marilyn Monroe who once said: a smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.
Merdin's encounter with yoga began when she was battling with her constantly jet-lagged physique, and what started off as a simple therapy for sleep eventually turned into a lifestyle for her. Merdin believes in the power of self-healing through the practice of yoga, and discovering the sense of calm and inner strength.
In 2014, Merdin took a huge leap of faith and poured all her savings into a teacher training program, and is now a 500 hours certified yoga instructor — the best investment she has ever made; one that hasn't stopped giving back.
With a genuine heart of intent, Merdin looks forward to sharing and having others join her as she continues on this journey of exploration through yoga. Her positive vibes and soothing voice will put one at ease, leaving her class feeling tranquil and free.
When off the mat, Merdin can be found sipping on coffee, snacking on peanut butter or somewhere under the sun!