The Art of Vinyasa: Sun Salutations & Standing Strong with Blair Hughes, July 30 (Sydney)

Sunday July 30, 2017
12.15pm - 2.45pm

The Art of Vinyasa is a workshop that is all about refinement of the core postures and sequences of a Vinyasa Yoga class, in particularly the Sun Salutations and Standing Postures.  

Breath and movement is the foundation of all Vinyasa practices. Learning how to access the subtle body and movement of energy, Prana and Apana, within your body is key to staying strong and grounded, setting the premise for meditation to spontaneously arise within your yoga practice.

About Blair Hughes

Over the last eight years, Blair completed over 700 hours of yoga teaching training with Power Living, Simon Borg-Olivier, Baron Baptiste and Cameron Shayne, along with advanced workshops with influential teachers such as Richard Freeman, David Swanson, Les Leventhal, Kathryn Budig, Phillip Askey and many others.

During this time, Blair also completed Exercise and Holistic Lifestyle coaching with the Chek Institute, San Diego and Performance & Results coaching with the Academy of Wealth and Achievement, Los Angeles. 

His greatest passion is to share his journey and move people towards discovering their purpose and unveiling their gifts and talents. His classes are challenging but playful, with an intention to leave you feeling grounded and empowered.