Root Down To Rise Up: Inversion Transitions with Jasmine Tay, Nov 18-19 (Singapore)

Orchard Central
Saturday - Sunday, November 18-19, 2017
1.30pm - 3.30pm

This workshop creates a safe, aligned foundation to take flight in fun transitions between inversions and arm balances. We will refine these poses from ground up, finding the necessary supporting components and playful strategies to progress onto the next level. 
Topics include:
  • Strengthening and preparing the wrists, arms and core muscles
  • Importance of dhristi and bandhas
  • Variations to make transitions accessible to all levels of practitioners
  • Safe techniques of getting in and out of transitions with the use of props, wall and partner work
  • Fundamentals of arm balances, headstand, forearm stand and handstand
  • Understanding and dissecting the effective alignment of various poses before putting them together into a transition

Day 1 (November 18)
2 Hours

Focusing on Backbend and Twists (Upper Body)

Day 2 (November 19)
2 Hours

Focusing on Hips and Hamstrings (Lower Body)

This workshop will deepen your knowledge and appreciation of inversion transitions no matter where you are in your practice, so you feel balanced and confident both on and off the mat. You do not need to be an advanced yogi to work on these transitions, just a willingness to try! Almost everyone can do it with enough practice, practice, practice!

About Jasmine Tay

Jasmine started her career in the advertising industry as a graphic designer in her early 20s. During that time, she was introduced to yoga — not only did she enjoy the practice, it also transformed her in many ways, and opened her heart and mind in ways she never imagined. For her, yoga is no longer just a physical practice but a lifestyle.
It was a natural progression for her to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Training in early 2014 at Hom Yoga Singapore. She hopes to continue more trainings in all things yoga for many years to come.
Finding no regrets plunging into a career change, Jasmine considers teaching yoga her greatest achievement and privilege, and she honours each and every single opportunity she has to share what she truly loves.
Similar to what she practices, her teaching style is a balance of yin and yang, with an emphasis on safe alignment, working with the breath and strengthening both body and mind. Her classes are varied and dynamic. She encourages her students to find the sense of freedom in their own practice, to be exactly who they are without any judgement, to find their edges, to feel safe to play and most importantly to be inspired.
This self-professed inversion junkie spends her free time walking her dogs and getting her adrenaline pumped in gruelling calisthenics workouts.