Malvina Kang

Malvina is the Founder of Hom Yoga. Originally from Singapore, Malvina spent the first 13 years of her early education in Singapore. She then continued her high school education in Victoria, BC, Canada; and furthered her tertiary education in International Relations and Journalism, at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles.

She arrived back in Singapore in 2007, and started to work at a non-profit organisation; until a life-changing personal event occurred, which spurred her to connect deeper with her dharma and sense of self. She decided to launch Hom Yoga - a socially conscious business, which merged her passions of yoga, empowerment, charity and entrepreneurship.

Her vision for Hom Yoga was to create a space of self-discovery, and transformation through high-quality teachings, set amidst a design expression of contemporary luxury. Her intention is that every person, experiences a complete sense of wellbeing and inner joy at Hom Yoga, and leave feeling a strong sense of empowerment.

Hom Yoga has since grown into three lush studios, each individually curated to reflect its location, between Singapore and Sydney. In 2016, Malvina set up the Hom Yoga Training Academy, to continue with her vision to share yoga with as many people as possible.

Malvina’s passion for yoga began at the young age of 12. She was drawn towards the path of yoga, and made a conscious decision then to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga. This passion, combined with more than 18 years of study and practice in yoga, energy healing and spirituality, contribute to Malvina’s unique perspective and approach. Malvina has studied under the tutelage of many yoga masters and healers from all around the world, and is a certified E-RYT500 Yoga Alliance accredited teacher. She has been certified with the Power Vinyasa method, Energy Healing and Reiki; and regularly teaches in the Hom Yoga Training Academy’s programs and workshops.

Her early background and initial inspiration in working in non-profit organisations, remains a strong part of the Hom Yoga vision. Malvina passionately believes in the power of education to create social and economic change. She continues to expand on this belief and works closely with non-profit organisations, who shares in her vision of creating possibilities to shape a resilient, and more inclusive future for all.

Her partner, Rob, joined her on her life path in 2013, and together they share their love for yoga, meditation, energy healing and the quest to constantly deepen their inward journey. Their son, Munro, arrived in 2015, and with the combined energy and support of her family, Malvina continues to be inspired to teach and share her learnings, as well as to continue to grow the Hom Yoga community.