Lucy Kell

Lucy’s journey began as a professional dancer. Her curiosity for a deeper knowledge into the mechanics of the body, and the philosophy of the mind drew her to yoga. She first found a love for the physical aspects, and as she continued her practice, she started to unravel the energetic and spiritual side that affirmed her decision to teach. Lucy leaped into a playground of study; Ashtanga, Hatha, Hot and Vinyasa Yoga, later adding studies in Anusara, Pilates, Eastern Massage and Cranio-sacral Therapy.

She sees yoga, and all movement and awareness practices, as tools to create clarity, presence, truthfulness, and overall health in our modern day existence. Lucy believes that through a regular yoga and meditation practice, we have the ability to receive a little bit of liberation and growth everyday. Her teaching aims to blend body, mind, and energetics to facilitate balance, connection, integration and most of all lightness for all her students.