Backbend Workshop with Johanna, May 13 (Singapore)

Orchard Central
Saturday, May 13, 2017
3pm - 5pm

Backbends are an integral part of a well-rounded yoga asana practice. Backbending stimulates the nervous system and energizes the body. When done correctly, they strengthen the back, improve posture and relieve back pain. However, practicing backbends incorrectly can also add to your body's imbalances by creating excess pressure on the lower back. Join Johanna for a backbending workshop to discover how to practise backbends with ease. We will start by opening up the body for safe and enjoyable backbends. Following proper warm up, we will take a closer look at selected back bending postures and their alignment. Correct alignment and engagement can work wonders in backbends, creating a feeling of space and comfort in otherwise challenging postures.

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About Johanna

Originally from Finland, Johanna first encountered yoga when she was living in India in 2010. Amid digesting some bigger and smaller changes in life – changing countries and jobs as a new mother of two – yoga gradually became more and more important, offering moments of calmness and joy in an otherwise rollercoaster like existence. After settling down in Singapore, she continues to be fascinated by the physically demanding and spiritually nurturing practice, and is without doubt on a life-long path to practise and learn more.

Johanna completed her Yoga Alliance Certified 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training by Real Yoga Singapore in collaboration with the Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in Pune, India. She has complemented her training by certificate courses and workshops both in Asia and in Europe. Her practice and teaching is mostly influenced by her teachers at Real Yoga Singapore with whom she continues to practice on a regular basis. She has been teaching since her initial teacher training in 2013.

She loves creative yet disciplined sequences that energise the body and nourish the soul. Her classes are designed to be challenging and invigorating for students at all levels with an element of surprise and/or challenge and a lot of compassion. Through yoga she wishes to inspire others both on and off the mat, just like her teachers inspire her.