From her beautiful split-level apartment in Sydney, Malvina tells us how yoga helped change her relationship with herself.
"With it’s bright modern spaces, minimalistic approach and A-grade teachers, its no wonder Hom Yoga has become a staple for Sydney and Singaporean yogis. A favourite of Sporteluxe’s own Bianca Cheah, the calming aesthetic combined with a varied mix of teachers and styles allows you to escape for a blissful hour of peace and tranquility."

Malvina Kang
SBS, Small Business Secrets
"People say there is no formula to it but I go by my instincts, I go by my gut and that's something I have been tuning into throughout this journey."

Series 13: Sydney

"Yoga is a popular pastime with Sydneysiders so if a coastal jog seems too energetic or the weather’s no good, head to Hom Yoga for a quick session. Malvina Kang founded this studio in 2011."

Sophie Benbow

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