Malvina Kang

Malvina Kang


Malvina is the Founder of Hom Yoga. Her driving principles have been to bring yoga to the widest range of people in a contemporary way. 

Her passion for yoga began at a very young age through her early ballet dancing. She was drawn to yoga as it gave her a complete sense of her wellbeing. Since then she has studied, and practiced many forms of yoga between Singapore, Sydney and Los Angeles where she spent most of her young adult life.

Upon graduation from University of Southern California, and equipped with a BA in International Relations and Journalism, Malvina founded her first Hom studio to begin this journey.

Since this time, her vision has driven the ongoing expansion of Hom Yoga studios globally.

With this also comes a strong initiative to share this teaching of yoga with students through the Hom Yoga Teacher Training School. This has brought yoga to a very diverse group of people from many countries and continues to be a strong part of her vision of bringing yoga to many people in a unique way.

From her early background in working in non-profit organisations, she continues to expand her interest and support for causes and organisations that can give back and bring real change to women and children.