Class Types



Vinyasa Flow is a dynamic and challenging flow practice. The class is structured to build strength and foundation while you explore a repertoire of poses and transitions. Be prepared to flow, play, and experiment with your practice and you will walk away feeling strong, refreshed and energised. Suitable for all levels. This is a non-heated class. 



Hot Flow is made up of consistent flow movements and a structured series of postures, which will allow students to move gracefully through a sweat-dripping workout. You will be given options in each pose, so that you feel challenged, yet successful. Without breaking the natural flow from pose to pose, the focus will be on alignment and breath. Conducted in a hot room of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. Suitable for all levels.



Yin Yoga is a yoga practice, which exercises the tissues of the body in a way unlike any other yoga practice. As we gently stretch connective tissues by holding a yin pose for a long time, the body responds by making the tissues longer and stronger. Yin Yoga works with the deep tissues of the joints to make all of the joints supple whilst opening up channels of energy in the body, which have been blocked. Suitable for all levels. This is a non-heated class.




Vinyasa Play is an opportunity to cultivate the knowledge that you have gained through a regular yoga practice, playing with creative sequences, transitions and developing awareness within postures. Pranayama and yoga philosophy will be included as part of the class, giving you space to tune in and connect. Be prepared to be mentally and physically challenged, as you evolve and experiment. This is a non-heated class.




Ashtanga is a traditional and fluid yoga sequence, from which all fluid vinyasa styles of yoga are derived. Particular emphasis is paid to linking the postures with the breath, maintaining mental focus, and using the core to build internal heat and give the body support and strength. A challenging practice but one that is accessible to all, with the use of props and modifications. Suitable for all levels. This is a non-heated class.



Hot Hatha is a classical hatha yoga practice, where focus and intention lies in the pose itself. Expect a balanced class consisting of standing and seated postures, pranayama and a short meditation, aimed towards developing strength and flexibility, whilst cleansing and relaxing the body and mind. Conducted in a hot room of 38 to 40 degrees Celsius. Suitable for all levels.



A complimentary ten minute meditation practice. The asana practice in yoga aims to open, and strengthen your body and mind, which prepares you to enter into a deeper state of awareness through meditation. Cultivate your meditation practice, and reap the rewards off the mat and in your daily life. Suitable for all levels.




Yoga Basics is perfect for newcomers to yoga, introducing to them the basics of breath and alignment in a safe and supported environment. These classes allow beginner students to build a solid foundation from which they can deepen and explore the practice. The recurring, on-going four-week syllabus covers the following:

Week 1: Breath and sun salutations

Week 2: Warriors and standing poses

Week 3: Core and backbends

Week 4: A basic flow integrating the materials from weeks one to three

Practitioners can start during any week and can repeat the syllabus as many times as they would like. This class is also suitable for experienced practitioners looking to refine their practice. This is a non-heated class.



Prenatal yoga is a unique yoga experience, incorporating yoga postures and breathing techniques to help you connect with your baby, alleviate discomforts, and lower stress levels. Expect to flow through a series of standing poses, followed by restorative floor work, designed to open and strengthen the muscles, which are essential for labour and postnatal recovery. Join a nurturing and positive community, all transitioning into the role of motherhood. All prenatal classes are taught by highly qualified prenatal yoga teachers.