Charity Partners


Hom Yoga is proud to partner with A Sound Life.
Collaborating with a charity has never felt more powerful. A Sound Life’s purpose is to share the healing power of music, yoga, and meditation with people in need.  Delivering free yoga and music sessions in hospitals, aged-care, disabilities and mental health facilities in Sydney, A Sound Life sets to transform the lives of hundreds of people.
Over the coming months, look out for special classes raising awareness for this amazing cause.


I-manifest is a NGO that uses creativity to empower youth to find their passion and live their purpose, teaching them future ready skills for life and work. Hom Yoga’s partnership with I-manifest offers a new template for health, wellness and creative education fostering knowledge, awareness and life enhancing practices.
Together, we are offering a range of workshops to kids from low socio-economic backgrounds to inspire passion, purpose and mindful choices moving towards a healthy, happy next generation.